These are the people who have brought to you this campaign -accomplished designers, modellers and illustrators looking for a job who think Warcelona is a great way to introduce their talents to the community and the industry:

Carlos “Krateos” Coronado

level designer & project leader     –

After finishing high school at 17, Carlos Coronado made a research project on computer graphics using his school as a model. This resulted in a virtual tour in real time and countless renders. This project of experimentation helped Carlos realize 3D Design was his path and got him a scholarship on a prestigious Design University at Catalonia. With time, blending theory learned at University and self-instruction, he started to take on mapping seriously. His first creation was a campaign for Left 4 Dead, “No Mercy Park” –and latter, the ambitious project of Warcelona.

In Warcelona, Carlos has taken care of the whole of design –from levels, gameplay and lighting to script, composition, balance and NPC’s. In addition to the 1230 hours put  on the Authoring Tools, Carlos has also modeled and textured a lot of assets and materials, all NPC’s, the museum, the swimming pool, most of the church, the subway, etc.

Aside from design and photography, Carlos has been the main contact with the community. Thanks to this, the whole development cycle of Warcelona can be seen through text and screenshots at the forum (in Spanish),  from the beginnings of the projects, with every change, addition and setback recorded until the end, resulting in a very enriching read-through for those interested in starting such an ambitious community project and not die trying.

Dani “PlayerDNG” Navarro

art & graphic design     –

An illustrator and graphic designer, Dani has worked in many areas –from cinema, videogames, and comics to print, corporate image and publicity. He has reconciled this with various studies of art and design, as well as self-instruction.

Warcelona has been a great opportunity for him to fuse together all that variety of knowledge in one single project. As well as collaborating in the improvement of the experience, Dani has taken care of the graphic design (logo, marketing, typography and web), artistic direction and illustration. His work can be seen on the official poster of the campaign, the creation of new infected, the skybox, posters, signage for the subway and bus, graffitis, posters for the videoclub and “Doce”, arcade machines and other many elements.

All of that is in the aim of explaining a story through the environment –a vision of the society of Barcelona shaken by the infection incident abroad. However, none of that serious tone takes away from the many informal gags that reinforce the personality of Warcelona.

Emilio “NokYoL0″ Raya

asset artist     –

Emilio has been on the virtual entertainment game for a while now. He has been in this world as far as he can remember thanks to the arcades owned by his family (recreated almost to a tee on the campaign, with slight design differences for the sake of gameplay). He took his first steps on videogame design with the primitive editors of DOOM and latter Half-Life, working more recently with Source and Unreal.

A few years back Emilio gave up mapping for modeling, focusing mainly on props. As part of his learning process, he has carried out various projects outside of videogames, focusing on urban furniture, modular architecture and high-resolution renders. Without any specialized studies, he has taught himself with the aid of texts and hours of video tutorials.

In Warcelona, Emilio has taken care of modeling many recognizable urban props, such as the “DOCE” kiosks, the “Timofonica” booths, the typical green mailbox, the video club cashier, the round bin and the parking sign. He has also taken care of the arcades, including the textures, lighting and the furniture –the fussball table, the bar, the arcade machines, ashtray, and cues and balls for the pool table.


These guys helped us a lot with Warcelona:

Nacho “Sr.Nax” Galdo

He destroyed the campaign every time he tested it. He also did some nice things in Hammer (remember him when a falling ambulance smashes you) and put warcelona online making this website.

Ruben “Arkanos” Deig

He is a very versatile man. He created custom sounds, skins and of course made some nice models!

Xavi “Theck” García

Head admin of His time and support was very valious for the project, and he also helped us with testing.

Luka “Artic” Nieto

He helped with the translation of the website and had a lot of fun testing the campaign.

Mireia “ASHLEY LESNIE” Carré

She created some of the awesome textures that you can see ingame.


Special Thanks: Anna Vaquero, Tania Lf, Victor Delgado, playtesters from versus custom addicts, hl2spain and gameartspain, word of level design forums, l4dmaps, PhyOS, Notch, Hazoku, Ashura and Somoza.

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