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The infection has crossed the Atlantic. And it’s about to hit the Mediterranean.

Thirteen weeks after the first infection on America, regardless of the high security measures taken by European governments, a plane crashes in the outskirts of Madrid and chaos gets hold of the continent. Effecting an aggressive anti-infection policy, France has closed its borders with Spain and ordered to shoot each and everyone who tries to cross –infected or not. A massive exodus takes place from all over Spain to the most important city on the East of the country, where there is supposed to be a grand evacuating plan by CEDA and the Spanish Military: Barcelona.

In Warcelona, you take the role of the original characters of Left 4 Dead 2, who are refugees in a dilapidated church for survivors in the middle of a wrecked neighborhood in Barcelona. They decide to go out and try their luck with the CEDA evacuating plan.

Comprising four thrilling and unique maps (coop and versus), Warcelona is a campaign filled with personality that had a development cycle of more than one year and a half. Every setting is 100% based on real environments, saving the obvious artistic license taken in order to ensure a varied, addictive, fun and unique gameplay.

In addition, the campaign is a caricatured tribute to the Spanish and Catalonian cultures: football fans? Certainly. Beating zombies to death with a ham leg? That too. Spanish fiesta? Of course. Bulls? No doubt.

So let’s go –do your luggage, drink a glass of good Spanish sangría and kill some infected before going out for tapas throughout the best bars on Warcelona.

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