Meet the City

As you can clearly tell after playing Warcelona, the four maps of the campaign match perfectly with real locales of Barcelona. In fact, were you be enticed to go through the route from the Sant Roc church to the National Art Museum of Catalonia, you would find little difference –barring inaccessible areas in real life, like the sewers and maintenance areas inside the subway system.

Still, our focus has been to provide an exceptional gameplay more than to preserve environment fidelity. That is why an actual piece of empty ground has been replaced by an indoor swimming pool and the shops you will encounter in your way to Plaza España are very different. The third map is affected by a patent lack of trees and bigger edifices for the fountains –for optimization and gameplay reasons, respectively. By elevating the structure of the fountains the third map can be divided into three lanes, making it look less like a big, boring corridor.

Obviously, the elevator that takes us to the top of the fountain at Montjuic doesn’t exist either, but considering the purely epic nature of the moment the addition is justified. After all, the result is an impressive way to situate the player and what we consider to be one of the best King of the Hill events as of late.

Other notably different locations are the insides of the church and the museum, where fidelity is completely forgotten for the sake of gameplay. For instance, it would be awfully problematic to create a realistic route inside the museum in which you could experience the intended race to the top against the hordes, the tanks and the fire –that is why in Warcelona the interior is practically in ruins and the path upwards is formed by remaining floors, ruins and military equipment. This major transformation provides a thrilling sprint to the helicopter that a realistic portrayal just could not have matched.




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