the website’s almost ready!

Hello everybody! Our webpage is almost done. Right now, we have a section with media, another one with information about the team, the download section, and also a Bonus page.

Yes. It’s password protected. “Where can I find the pass”, you say? When the campaign is ready, you’ll have to find a secret zone and then, when you defeat the boss you’ll encounter, you’ll get it. Of course, you could always type “Warcelona web password” and do a Google search (if somebody has posted it on the internet), but you’ll enjoy it if you find it by yourself, believe me!

On the other hand, we’ve been doing a lot of playtests with the people of versus custom addicts, and they enjoy the campaign. They helped us a lot doing gameplay balance and finding bugs, so thanks you all guys!

Ah… good ol’ dev times. Son, when I was young all this were fields of dev textures!

It sounds like we will just need one or two more compilations of the campaign until we’re ready for the official release. Keep checking our website and twitter to be up to date with the project and know when we finally release!

–   krateos, project leader and level designer.


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